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A strange movement has been happening on social media for some time now…. The lines of business etiquette and casual social media posting have become blurred.
Social media is supposed to be fun and light-hearted but many people are confusing their business platforms with their personal pages.  Here are some guidelines on some social media etiquette…


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Selling, selling, selling!!

Yes we are business, yes we have products/services to sell but would you walk up to a stranger in a networking or business event and go straight into the sales pitch? (Ok, sadly some do); Then why land this sales tactic into someone’s DM’s??!! I would love to find out if this works for anyone? At least introduce yourself or feign interest in your ‘targets’ business. This aggressive form of selling goes hand in hand with ‘someone’s knocking at the door’ …but not in the positive sense. First impressions do last and this leaves me with a negative impression of a company. I’m always willing to over look this form of selling as a faux pas and will politely decline. Here’s what I don’t forgive ….  persistence!! This doesn’t warrant a second chance…. and… blocked. 


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We all have bad days and sometimes a good rant on social media will get it off your chest. Here’s the problem… you will attract some trolls and many of your potential customers might not agree. This, however, is your prerogative and if this makes you feel better and is on your personal page, then go for it. Do not rant on your business page!! Your business is an entity an ‘it’ or ‘we’ and you are giving a collective opinion representing your business name. Social media is a highly sensitive platform, expressing any opinion on a business page is going to ruffle someone’s feathers.This also includes conversations about politics, religion or entering other people’s debates….. DON’T DO IT as your business name.


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I’m hearing about this a lot, particularly on Instagram and from inexperienced users that have been advised to follow a certain amount of people then start unfollowing or buy followers. Social media is no longer about the amount of likes or followers, it’s purpose is to have a positive user experience; engagement over the size of the audience. It’s all about balance. This is proof in the movement of Instagram and possibly Facebook to start hiding ‘likes’, they may do the same with followers. Of course if there are businesses you’ve connected with and there’s no interaction or support then do feel free unfollow!


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