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Most people have an understanding of  ‘content is key’ or ‘content is king’ and the importance of it on your website and social media. Content is what makes the digital world go around and is still set to rule throughout 2019. However, there’s a fine line and a balance to strike which can be confusing for many businesses. This is the balance between having far too much content and the quality of the content.


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In regards to a website if you have far too much content it will confuse a potential (or impatient) customer. Too little and you may not have a clear selling point on your website with minimum information. Before picking your content for your website you should have a clear brand image you want to portray, it should represent your business and values with a little bit of personality.

It is always advisable to ask a neutral party to navigate your website asking key questions: Is your selling point clear? Is it easy to make contact with you? etc. There is the ‘3 click rule’ in the digital world, a user should be able to find any information on your website within 3 clicks!


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Social media content allows you to have more freedom and be creative with your content, have fun! Content has changed on social media as now quality rules over quantity. You can post fewer times in a day but the content should be engaging and interesting, do not advertise on every post. If you wish to strike a clear balance here then for every post that links to your business then follow or procede with one that doesn’t.  A generic post about the trend of the day or a funny meme always works but stay away from politics or controversial topics. Always remember the goal is to draw in potential customers who may not know they need your services. Or, they may never be customer of yours but with clever unique content they might just remember you and make a recommendation to somebody who does need your services.

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Even if people engage with your website or social media but never provide a return, in regards to enquiring or needing your services, from a digital marketing point of view their interaction is still invaluable. Every click to your website or social media helps with algorithms and SEO, win win!